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Things to know before enroll your kids to the kindergarten

The first day of school for Kindergarten children is thrilling. But as parents, you need to prepare well all the possible things that might happen that day. This is what we called things you need to know before your kids enroll in Kindergarten. Information such as at what age you should send your child to Kindergarten and what your child should know before enrolled, are what we will discuss here.

Age for kindergarten

For every Kindergarten all over the world, age is the only requirement to be eligible to attend a Kindergarten. That is why parents, the first thing you need to know before kids enroll in Kindergarten is the right age to start it. Most Kindergarten requires your child to be at least 5 years old. But it is not hard to find some Kindergarten which can accept children between 4 to 6 years old. Usually, if your kids want to enroll in Kindergarten before they are 5 years old, there must be special conditions fulfilled.

Here are several special conditions which can be the reasons why you want to enroll your child in Kindergarten before he/ she reaches 5 years old:

  • Your child has a “late” birthday which does not meet the state deadline.
  • Your child’s IQ is not less than 130.
  • Your child’s mental age based on the standardized test is between 14 to 16 months greater than the actual age.
  • Your child got a recommendation from a psychologist to get early admission.
  • Your child is already behaving and possess good social and emotional skills.

Do you find your child ready? Or do you find your child’s characteristics match the Kindergarten requirements? This requirement is necessary to meet before your kids enroll in Kindergarten. If your child hasn’t met the age requirements or any special conditions, it means you need to wait.

Nowadays, most Kindergarten is very strict with the age requirements. So don’t worry! You can wait for a few more months until they are ready to enroll in Kindergarten.

Grades for kindergarten

If you are sure that your child is ready to enroll in Kindergarten, you need to know more about the learning process of it. As Kindergarten is the first phase of formal school, there will be grades given to parents as the report of your child’s learning results.

The grading scale in Kindergarten is different from what you know in higher formal schools, like elementary or junior high schools. Most Kindergarten use letter grades. But they are different from the usual letter grades you are already familiar with. What you know as letter grades are A to F, right? But most Kindergarten uses that A to F grades only for academic grades, while S, G, and E are used for social grades. S, G, and E stand for Satisfactory, Good, and Excellent.

You need to familiarize yourself with this type of grading scale before your kids enroll in Kindergarten. That way, you can save time and frustration when looking at your child’s report cards. A tip for you, every report card comes with a grading guide on the top. Please check on it first, before you start reading all the information given.

Preschool vs kindergarten vs daycare

Preschool vs kindergarten vs day
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Besides you need to understand the age requirements and grading scale in the Kindergarten system, you may need this interesting information. Most parents are confused about what is the difference between Preschool, Kindergarten, and Daycare. Those three institutions look similar and often make parents have difficulties to decide where they want to enroll their kids.

Actually, it is quite easy to differentiate them. Let’s start with the age requirements. The three of them have different age requirements. Preschool requires children to age from 3 to 5 years old, right before children enroll in Kindergarten. For the process to enroll in Kindergarten, the age requirement is at least 5 years old. Last for Daycare, they can accept kids from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Next, let’s take a look at the curriculum of Preschool, Kindergarten, and Daycare. The curriculum of Preschool is different from what Kindergarten has and what Daycare hasn’t. While Preschool prepares children for Kindergarten and Kindergarten prepare children for Elementary School, Daycare only provides service to take care of children while their parents are at work or not home.

Now you can understand the differences between them, right? Is it easier to decide where to enroll your child too, right? Do you find yourself more sure for your kids to enroll in Kindergarten?

Bullying in kindergarten

Parents all know that bullying is a serious problem and can happen at all levels of education. Even Kindergarten is not free from the possibility of bullying that happens to your child. This is what most parents usually forget to prepare before enrolling their child in Kindergarten.

As parents, you need to know what bullying looks like at the Kindergarten level. After that, you need to spot all the signs of bullying as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the following list of bullying signs that may happen after kids enroll in Kindergarten!

  • The child would tell her/ his parents that a friend would “act mean” and it made him sad.
  • The child does not want to go to school without specific reasons.
  • There are changes in behavior, for example, the child is not as calm as he/ she was before.
  • There are many of the child’s possessions lost or broken.
  • There is sleeping and eating problems that happen.

Are your child shows any of the signs above? You need to confront it! It is the best way to defeat and end bullying happens again. Children are precious, don’t let their smiles faded because of bullying that may happen in the school environment.

Worksheet for kindergarten

One of the ways to help children learn in Kindergarten is by giving them a worksheet. But the worksheet for Kindergarten needs a lot of attention. If the teachers make the worksheets carelessly, it will not be effective.

You, as parents or teachers, should know how to make a good worksheet for your children in Kindergarten. This is also a good reminder for parents that before kids enroll in Kindergarten, they should familiarize themselves with how the worksheet works. Now let’s learn important tips in making worksheets for Kindergarten.

  • Make it as simple as possible, so the child will not have difficulties to read the information in it.
  • Insert clipart, pictures, shapes, and lines as much as you can. Children love visualizations!
  • Use big enough fonts to help children read the information easier.

So far, worksheets are still the best learning media for kids in Kindergarten. Most Kindergarten is also known for its unique type of worksheets. So, do you already find where you want your child to enroll in Kindergarten?

When child start kindergarten?

As already mentioned before, before children enroll in Kindergarten, they must meet the age requirements. So to answer the question of most parents when their child should start Kindergarten, the answer is easy. As parents, you should know the age requirements of the Kindergarten you want to enroll your child in.

If the Kindergarten where you want to enroll your child accepts students from 5 years old, then register your child when he/ she reach 5 years old. Children under the required age will likely not be accepted if not following special conditions already mentioned too before. So do you think your child can enroll in Kindergarten now?

What should a child know before kindergarten?

If you want your child’s day in Kindergarten to go smoothly, you need to prepare your child to know several things before your kids enroll in Kindergarten. This might not be listed as enrollment requirements, but it’s better if your child can do this before Kindergarten:

  • Know their names and how to write it.
  • Speak clearly about what they need or want.
  • Identify some letters and numbers, can count is even greater.
  • Know how to handle books, not only want to tear them up.
  • Be separated by their parents for several hours.
  • Can get themselves dressed and potty-trained.

How about your child? Can you help your children to have those skills before they enroll in Kindergarten? Of course, it is not easy to prepare such skills to children right before they go to school the next day. That is the benefit of teach your child as soon as possible, even though they are not enroll in Kindergarten yet.

What age is pre-kindergarten?

To help familiarize children with the concept of schooling, you can enroll them in pre-kindergarten before they enroll in Kindergarten. You need to know that pre-kindergarten is different from preschool. Pre-kindergarten is serving children from 4 to 5 years old before Kindergarten, while preschool can have children from as young as 2 years old.

To close the discussion, we are sure you are no longer confused by things to know before your kids enroll in Kindergarten. But if you still have any questions, you can search all information about Kindergarten and its preparation online. You can also join the Kindergarten Parents Community to help you decide which school is the best for your kids’ learning. So good luck in preparing your kids to enroll in Kindergarten!

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