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15 Top Peppa Pig Coloring Pages Ideas For Toddler

Peppa Pig Coloring Pages – Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s TV shows in the world. The show is currently airing on Nick Jr., where it has had high ratings since 1999. The characters are drawn by British animator, Nick Jennings, who started drawing them on his own accord at age 4.

The following are character on peppa pig animated series and peppa pig coloring pages that can be downloaded for free.

15 Character on Peppa Pig Animated Series

1 Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig
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Peppa’s character is a young girl who always looks for the bright side of things and has a positive attitude. She is brave, kind, and curious about everything around her. She doesn’t like it when people tell her that something is difficult or scary, and she loves to explore and learn new things. Peppa’s character also has high emotional intelligence which makes her relateable to kids in the show.

2 George Pig

George Pig
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George Pig is one of Peppa’s most popular characters in the animated series. He is known for his snort-like laugh and his love for playing in mud. George was introduced in the episode “George’s Day Out,” where he meets George, everybody’s favorite dog. George was created by Aardman Animations, but it wasn’t until “Peppa Pig” came out that George really became famous.

3 Daddy Pig

Daddy Pig

Daddy Pig is a pig who’s very protective of his daughter and uses his size and strength to protect her from danger. He also loves to read stories and teach Peppa about life lessons. Daddy Pig serves as an example of how parents can be encouraging while at the same time teaching their children important lessons like how to be independent and not afraid of trying new things.

4 Mummy Pig

Mummy Pig
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The Mummy Pig is one of the characters in the animated series Peppa Pig. It has a large nose, wears a brown cloak, and has a bulging tummy. Mummy pig is seen to have an attitude that’s somewhat similar to that of Peppa’s. Mummy is very kind, friendly and philosophical about life – which makes her a perfect role model for young children too!

5 Danny Dog

Danny Dog
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Danny is a brown dog who has pointed ears and a black nose. He usually wears a dark purple shirt, black shoes, and dark gold boots. He is usually cheerful just like any other kids

6 Richard Rabbit

Richard Rabbit
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Richard rabbit is a three-year-old rabbit who is George Pig’s best friend. He wears a dark blue shirt, has a pale reddish pink cheeks, reddish pink nose, and cotton-like tail.” But he has one thing in common with George a stuffed dinosaur he likes to play with that’s red.

7 Grandpa Pig

Grandpa Pig
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Grandpa Pig is the father of Mummy and Daddy Pig in the show. He loves walking around town with his walking stick and eating cake for breakfast. He is always happy, good-natured and always willing to help. He’s also very wise, with many phrases that are commonly used by children in his episodes.

8 Miss Rabbit

Miss Rabbit
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The mummy rabbit is the twin sister of Miss Rabbit. She has many jobs, including firefighter, cashier at the museum, local supermarket, aquarium gift shop, and Rescue Helicopter pilot at Peppa Pig World. She has two nephews, Richard and Robbie Rabbit, and two nieces, Rebbeca and Rosie Rabbit.

9 Madame Gazelle

Madame Gazelle

Madame Gazelle is Peppa Pig’s teacher and her playgroup friend. She knows a lot about pen pals and instruments. She has a brother named Gary Gazelle. She is very kind to the children and she is also good at taking care of the children. She is loved by many and is considered the greatest teacher.

10 Edmond Elephant

Edmond Elephant

Edmond Elephant is very smart for his age. When he spoke, he was always the most among his friends. The sentence that is often said by him is “I’m a clever clogs!” He is a little gray elephant who always wears black shoes and dark green outfit. He has an educated nature and knows a lot of things and he is not arrogant at all.

11 Suzy Sheep

Suzy Sheep
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Susan ‘Suzy’ Sheep is Peppa’s intelligent friend who loves to eat foods like Mentos, cheetos, pizza, ice cream and cinnamon swirls. She is a deuteragonist who dresses as a nurse. Suzy the sheep likes feminine play, but she enjoys sports and mud justlike everyone else. Suzy, like Peppa, has an attitude and can be forceful or bossy at times.

12 Emily Elephant

Emily Elephant
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Emily Elephant is Peppa’s friend. He has a younger brother named Edmond Elephant and he also lives with Mrs. Elephant, Mr. Elephant. In her first visit to the playgroup, she was a little shy. Candy Cat and she are best buddies. She can make a loud sound with his trunk

13 Zoe Zebra

Zoe Zebra

She is four years old and has two twin toddler sisters named Zuzu and Zaza Zebra. Her favorite toy is a monkey, which he considers a pet. Zoe Zebra is very friendly, kind, and a little shy, but sometimes she is not nice to her environment, such as moving TV channels without asking permission or not allowing Zuzu and Zazu to join her slumber party.

14 Freddy Fox

Freddy Fox
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Fredy Fox is a super cool and fun friend of Peppa Pig, but he likes to show off a bit. Fredy has the advantage of a good sense of smell. He likes hanging out with Danny dog, who loves sports too. Fredy also aspires to be a policeman.

15 Candy Cat

Candy Cat
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Candy Cat is a kind, friendly child who wants to try new things. He also likes to participate in various activities such as tea parties, exercising and going to the city or to the beach. Candy Cat really doesn’t like to see other people arguing or fighting.

19 Free Printable Peppa Pig Coloring Pages for Kids

Here are 15 free download Peppa pig coloring pages for your child, Hopefully these Peppa Pig Coloring Pages can increase your child’s creativity and train your child’s concentration

peppa pig coloring pages
Peppa Pig Coloring Pages
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george pig coloring pages
George Pig Coloring Pages
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Daddy pig coloring pages
Daddy Pig Coloring Pages
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Mummy pig coloring pages
Mummy Pig Coloring Page
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danny dog coloring pages
Danny Dog Coloring Pages
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Richard rabbit coloring pages
Richard Rabbit Coloring Pages
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Grandpa pig coloring pages
Grandpa Pig Coloring Pages
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Miss rabbit peppa pig coloring pages
Miss Rabbit Coloring Pages
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Madame Gazelle coloring pages
Madame Gazelle Coloring Pages
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Edmond elephant coloring pages
Edmond Elephant Coloring Pages
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Suzy sheep coloring pages
Suzy Sheep Coloring Pages
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Emily elephant coloring pages
Emily Elephant Coloring Pages
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Zoe Zebra coloring pages
Zoe Zebra Coloring Pages
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Freddy fox coloring pages
Freddy Fox Coloring Pages
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Candy Cat coloring pages
Candy Cat Coloring Pages
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Mr Dinosaur Coloring Pages
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Mr Potato Coloring Pages
Mr Potato Coloring Pages
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Grampy Rabbit Coloring Pages
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Rebecca Rabbit Coloring Pages
Rebbeca Rabbit Coloring Pages
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