Why is preschool important? Here Are 5 Reasons

Preschool is an education program developed for children from one through five years old. The older generations may find this idea of schooling infants ridiculous. But many parents in today’s generation find this program very useful.

Many preschools have professional and trained educators. They have a small class size, so the focus of teachers is not divided into too many students. This way, preschools become an important phase of our education system.

How and what is the importance of preschool?

The importance of preschool

Witnessing how parents so eager to enroll their infants and toddlers in a preschool as soon as possible, some of us may question the importance of it. Well, there are so many benefits your children can get by attending preschool before formal school. Let’s check out the following explanation to know more about it!

  • Independence

Spending time in preschool will teach your children to enjoy the time being away from familiar figures (parents or caregivers). This will teach them about independence to be able to explore their surroundings on their own. So when they are entering kindergarten or formal school later, they will not experience too big a shock.

  • Socialization

The socialization your child gets at home is very little compared to what they can get in preschool. They will be exposed to many children from various backgrounds and ages. From them, your child can learn how to socialize and interact even how to reconcile after conflict.

  • Routine

Having a routine for children is really good. They will learn how learning is a constant part of their life. Starting a routine as soon as possible will help your children to have a more complicated routine when they enter elementary school later.

  • Exposure to Outside World

In preschool, your child will be exposed to so many new things. They will learn how to cook, how to dance, and so many other new experiences. They will go on field trips and find out about everything they can never find in a home setting.

  • Preparation Before Formal School

Last but not least, preschool is important to prepare your child before starting formal school. A routine in a formal school is already on a very different level. So they need to learn from a small routine in preschool first to help them easier to adapt.

Preschool age requirements

If you want to enroll your child in a preschool, you have to make sure they already meet the age requirements. Most preschools only accept students from 2.5 to 3 years old. This standard is made to generalize at what age usually kids are ready to attend a preschool. But some preschools may accept students younger than the age requirements if only the development factors of your child already match what they look for.

Preschool for below 3 years old

What if your child is still below 3 years old? This is not a unique case because there are so many parents who want to enroll their child as soon as possible in preschool now. It is not only about parents who want to get free time without children. But some kids might benefit from attending a preschool to develop their social skills.

Nursery school is a kind of preschool that accepts kids below 3 years old. So if you want to enroll your infants from 1 to below 3 years old, you can try to find out the nearest nursery school from your home. Ad while trying to find the right preschool for your child, you also need to know several things about preschool first. What are they?

Circle of friends’ preschool

At preschool, making friends is one goal all preschoolers need to achieve. For some kids, social interaction is not easy to do. They are still unfamiliar with how to get along with others. That is why putting them in preschool will help your children naturally learn how to interact with others. Activities in preschool will also help your children to make a circle of friends. They will learn in a group and have fun without realizing they are already comfortable enough to express their emotions.

Preschool activities

Preschool Coloring
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A preschool is built to provide a standard childcare program. You can find many kinds of preschool, either they are under government or foundation. Both of them may offer different education programs, but generally, they have similar activities.

Do you know what activities your child will learn in preschool? Here are the main activities that you can find in preschool:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Arts and Technology
  • Counting
  • Early Reading and Writing
  • Science and Social Studies

Preschool at pandemic Covid-19

There are millions of schools closed as a result of pandemic Covid-19. In exchange of face to face learning in school, teachers have to move the learning process into digital settings. It may run smoothly for students at a higher level from junior high to university. But how about students at the elementary level or even worse preschool students?

Our society before pandemic Covid-19 always prevents overexposure of toddlers to digital tools. But now in the condition of the pandemic, there is no other choice and they have to conduct lessons using them. This situation forces preschools to adapt and reinvent their learning program. How do they do it?

  • Rethink All Activities

All activities preschool have before the pandemic is not doable by digital setting. Whether they want it or not, they have to rethink all activities. They have to modify all activities to make sure the students can keep learning. Most importantly, the teachers need to reschedule the time duration of all activities as they need to do distance learning.

  • Provide Learning Materials to Home

Most preschools in a pandemic situation also provide learning materials to their students’ homes. They prepare a learning box that contains all the learning materials needed for a week or a month lesson plan. This can help parents to be easier to guide the learning process at home.

  • Strengthen Online Activities

The most important thing is they need to have a strong online learning environment. It hugely depends on how online activities can engage students with the learning process. That is why the process of preparing online activities for preschool is very tiring and takes a lot of time.

Online activities for preschool

Online Activities Preschool
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Conducting online activities for preschool is not easy, moreover the planning of it. For us, it may be easy to find online activities ideas for preschool on the internet, but the process of making it is not simple. If you want to know several online activities recommended for preschool in a pandemic situation, let’s check the following list.

  • Dancing Video; kids need to follow and copy the dancing moves shown by the video.
  • Play Games; there are many flash games for preschool that the teachers can play together with students.
  • Said It After Me; kids need to say words after the teachers and know what it means from a picture.
  • Socialize; give time for kids to exchange conversation with their friends one by one.
  • Yoga for Kids; the teacher will lead a yoga session where the kids will follow all the moves under parental supervision at home.

Preschool educational videos

To continue the teaching and learning process in a pandemic situation, all preschool teachers work hard to give the best online lesson for the students. Educational videos are the most important learning resources for distance learning. Teachers will teach almost everything via videos, from mathematics to reading, or even singing. By producing great educational videos, the teachers can make sure that their students do not lose their skills because of pandemic Covid-19.

Online games for preschool

Aside from videos, preschool teachers are also working hard to prepare online games for their students. Nowadays, there are many online games that they can give to students to play together. If needed, teachers can also make games. But as preschoolers are still unfamiliar with digital schools, they must be accompanied by their parents to play the games.

Back to school activity for preschool

After the pandemic ends, you have to prepare your children to go back to school. You can conduct fun back-to-school activities for your preschooler child at home. For example, you can print alphabets and numbers and ask your child to sing along with you. Another idea, you can lead your child to prepare school supplies together. While preparing them, give the question about what is the name of it and how they can use it. All these activities can help your child to be ready when they have to learn back in school.

Is preschool mandatory? Do kids have to go to preschool?

In fact, preschool is not mandatory. Your children are not required to go to preschool before they go to kindergarten or elementary school. In many countries, kids are not even required to go to Kindergarten as long as they can pass the enrollment test of elementary school. So you do not have to send them to preschool.

You can teach the basic knowledge they will need later in school through fun activities at home. For example, you can make a daily schedule and educate your child to sit still and pay attention to what you teach. At least before your child attends kindergarten or elementary school, your child needs to know about numbers, colors, and letters. This way, you do not have to send your child to preschool.

What is the difference between nursery school and preschool?

As a nursery school is often called a preschool, most people have difficulties differentiating them. But one characteristic that is easy to differentiate between nursery school and preschool is the age requirement standard. Yes, both of them accept kids from 3 to 5 years old. But nursery schools can accept younger kids starting from one year old.

Besides that, the focus of nursery school and preschool are quite different. The nursery school focuses on providing childcare services for infants to toddlers. The teachers in nursery school are trained to teach children how to have fun by playing and socializing. On the other hand, preschool focuses more on preparing children before starting kindergarten. That is why they still offer games and spend most of the time playing with children, but all the activities are made to develop their academic skills.

What skills do preschoolers need?

Now, the question is what skills do preschoolers need to have. From what experts say, preschoolers need these skills to enter kindergarten.

  • Social Skills

Before entering kindergarten, preschoolers need to develop good social skills. It doesn’t just mean that students need to interact well with their friends. But they have to know how to spend a long time without their parents or caregivers. On top of that, preschoolers need to have the confidence to be able to follow the learning process without any difficulties.

  • Early Academic Skills

As important as social skills, preschoolers need to have good early academic skills. At least they can read letters and know how to write them. It is even better if they already can read a sentence. Knowledge about numbers and how to count them is also important. Next, familiar with colors is also important as they have to develop their artistic skills. 

How many days a week should kids attend preschool?

Most preschools let parents choose how often their children should go to preschool. Generally, preschools will give options for a part-time program or a full-time one. For 3 years old or younger children, it is safe to choose the part-time program. This program will require the child to attend school 3 days a week. It will be a lot easier for them.

If your child already settles and adapts well with the preschool, you can change to a full-time program that requires your child to attend school 5 days a week.

You can choose the best option available for your child’s preschool. But before you decide to enroll your child in preschool, make sure you already read and think through all the information already mentioned above.

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