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Skills for Kindergarten : 2 Top Major Skills for Kinder in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a fun place for every child. There are lots of games, activities, and skills for kindergarten. But do you know that games and activities in Kindergarten are not only games and activities? All those games and activities are important for the sake of skills development. Kindergarten skill activity can be further divided into two groups; hard skills and soft skills.

Do you know what is the difference between both skills? How about the example of each skill’s activities? Here you can learn all the important information about it.

Kindergarten hard and soft skill development

As education for children is important for supporting their development, many parents are eager to enroll their children in the best Kindergarten. Attending Kindergarten is important for the start of education as they can develop hard and soft skills there.

Hard skills are skills that you can learn in school or special training. That means children can have a specific skill from the process of schooling or training to do a particular job. Hard skills are easy to measure objectively, as they can be seen and proven by the certifications and experiences.

Meanwhile, soft skills are not learned from training. They are not-specialized but very useful for living a life. Soft skills are also known as transferable people skills, they are really different from hard skills before. That means soft skills aren’t used for only a specific job but a whole life. And it is not easy to measure soft skills objectively, they need to be evaluated a few times before they can be seen.

Now after learning about the difference between both skills, can you guess what hard or soft kindergarten skill activity is?

Top hard skill activity

To be able to develop hard skills in Kindergarten, teachers will lead their children to do a specific Kindergarten skill activity. Each of the activities has a specific goal to develop a specific hard skill. So, your children in Kindergarten might learn excitingly by a new activity for each day in school. Let’s look at the list below to know the top hard skill activity in Kindergarten.

Maths activity for kindergarten

Math is an important topic in Kindergarten. It is also one of the hard skills that need to be developed before children go to elementary level. As math has a quite abstract concept, teachers need to make a great math kindergarten skill activity for their students.

They can use many objects to encourage children to count out loud. By using those objects, the teacher can also help children to know the concept of comparison. Another math kindergarten skill activity that can be done to learn addition and subtraction using concrete objects. Those activities will surely help the teacher to develop children’s hard skills by doing math.

Kindergarten songs

The role of music teachers in Kindergarten is also important. One of the hard skills for children in Kindergarten can be developed through songs. As there are many Kindergarten songs, music teachers can focus on teaching them how to sing it in a kindergarten skill activity.

If the children can excel in the skills to sing a song, then later on they can have the singing skills. Besides that, music teachers can focus on teaching how to play a musical instrument. Some children might already be taking a lesson to play musical instruments, but it is better to encourage them to play it too in school.

Spelling for kindergarten

Spelling is also one of the hard skills that all children need to have. It is a very fundamental kindergarten skill activity to learn how to read, write, and speak later. Kindergarten teachers often develop spelling skills for Kindergarten through continuous activities. Because spelling skills are not as simple as you may see.

The use of learning tools like videos, cards, and letter blocks are really helpful. Most teachers also encourage their students to spell the word out loud to get all those words to stick to their minds. And most importantly, reading books for children can be a tool to introduce them to many words in a fun way.

Coloring for kindergarten

Teaching children how to improve their coloring skills is also a type of developing hard skill. Coloring is a fun activity for children but will be a very great skill to have. By developing a good coloring skill, it means the children’s motor skill is also developed finely.

But teaching coloring for Kindergarten is not easy. A kindergarten skill activity that can be draining is coloring. Many children will ask for full attention from the teacher while they color their drawings. Besides that, the teacher must pay attention to the coloring skills shown by each of the students.

Vocabulary and word list kindergarten

Students in Kindergarten need to have hard skills in the form of language skills. To be able to have good language skills, they need to have a rich vocabulary. To develop this skill, Kindergarten teachers are often making a vocabulary and word list activity. In this kindergarten skill activity, the children will know many words through several fun activities.

For example, children can learn many vocabularies by word walls. You may find such walls in a kindergarten class. Word walls are filled with many words that can be seen and read by the children, every time they go to school. It’s very effective for students and also easy to do for teachers.

Kindergarten science

Another activity to develop hard skills for Kindergarten is the science activity. Science for kindergarten skill activity is full of hands-on experiments. Let them observe and touch a lot of natural objects. It is also important for teachers to ask questions about what they might conclude from the things they have observed.

So the key in Kindergarten science is observation, exploration, and investigation. Following through those three key processes, children can discover their interest in the science field. Nature walks and field trips are two great events for children to learn science.

Gym for kindergarten

Gym for Kindergarten is more than developing children’s physical skills. Actually, gym class for Kindergarten can also develop hard skills. If children have good motoric skills, balance, and body coordination, it means they have enough talent to be athletes.

And that is actually the best result of learning hard skills from school or training. If your child can reach a state where he/ she can know what they want to do for the rest of their life, then it means they already have a hard skill good enough as a job.

Top soft skill activity

Even soft skills are as important as hard skills, most people keep forgetting the development process of them. But not with the Kindergarten curriculum. Besides hard skills, the learning process in Kindergarten also focuses on developing children’s soft skills by doing a specific kindergarten skill activity.

Please take a look at the following list, to know more about the top soft skill activity you may find in Kindergarten.

“I can” statements kindergarten

To help children develop various soft skills, teachers make these “I can” statements. These statements are necessary to help children know how far they are in achieving soft skills while learning in Kindergarten. Kindergarten skill activity that associates with “I can” statements vary.

For example, the teacher can prepare “I can” statement cards and picture cards. The picture cards will show many activities. Students need to name what is the activity shown in a card and said I can do the activity based on the statement cards. It’s easy and fun to do for children!

Kindergarten summer camp

Summer camp is a great time for children to learn soft skills. There when they are camping with all their classmates, there will be a variety of things they can explore. Students can communicate well with their camping mates in this opportunity. Not only that, summer camp can encourage students to have good leadership and teamwork skills by doing a specific kindergarten skill activity.

Kindergarten encourages all parents to register their children to join summer camp activities, even though it is not mandatory. Let your child experience nature and build friendship in this opportunity with the supervision of teachers.

Leadership in kindergarten

One of the soft skills that is important to develop in Kindergarten is leadership. But to teach leadership to kids is not as easy as you see. You need to offer fun activities but build the child to be a successful leader too later. Can you imagine how you can do it?

In Kindergarten, teachers often ask “who wants to lead the song?” or who wants to lead the games?”. That is how teachers introduce leadership in Kindergarten. For a child who wants to challenge his/herself as a leader, the teachers then will give some responsibilities to keep. In doing all the activities until it’s done, the leader then can learn how to lead a  team.

Kids’ communication

Kids’ communication can easily be found in a kindergarten skill activity. Because it is always the main focus of kindergarten learning activity. To help develop this skill, most importantly teachers must encourage children to talk and listen.

Teachers must actively be involved in correcting the language they use to talk, and the behavior while others are talking. This way your children can have communication skills that are very helpful in life.

Jokes for kindergarten

Another fun way to learn soft skills in kindergarten skill activity is by making jokes. Many jokes are appropriate for kids. Kindergarten teachers are often using jokes too in classrooms.

Jokes for kindergarten can teach them how to be flexible. Besides that, jokes are also good for kids to learn about communication. So don’t hesitate to try this activity in your class too!

Kinder games activity

Last but not least, a kindergarten skill activity that can teach soft skills secretly is a game. You can find many inspirations for kinder games on the internet. But you must be already familiar with Musical Chairs.

This game where children walk around the chairs in a circle will need to seize a chair, and teach kids how to be flexible. They do not have to be angry even though they can not have what they want. Other than this kindergarten skill activity, there are many other ideas you can use.

What are additional activities for kindergarten?

You already know examples of hard and soft skill activities in Kindergarten. But that’s not all! There are more additional activities for Kindergarten to develop other important skills. Let’s check out another top kindergarten skill activity and what skills can be developed through it.

  • Sorting by Color

An additional activity for Kindergarten that can develop sensorial skills is sorting by color. Children can learn to differentiate color by doing this activity. A child just needs to sort some objects based on their color in this kindergarten skill activity. It is better to start with the primary colors and later increase the number of colors that need to be sorted.

  • Role Playing

If you need to focus on the development of children’s social-emotional skills, roleplay is a great activity you can do. In this activity, each child will act out a specific role and they can experiment with many scenarios in life situations. Not only social-emotional skills, through the scenarios and communication while roleplaying, the children can also develop their language skills.

  • Jumping Skip Counting

It is also important to develop motoric skills in Kindergarten. That is why you can find many additional activities in Kindergarten is a type of motoric kindergarten skill activity. This jumping skip counting activity is one of them. The children need to jump and count how many jumps they can reach before stopping. Indeed it is a very fun and great activity for all children.

What is the most important skill to develop in kindergarten?

Now, a question that often arises is what is the most important skill to develop in kindergarten. The answer to it is all of them. You can’t divide them into which are important and which are not. All of them need to be developed so the children can live a balanced life.

Children that grow with focus only to develop hard skills, will have difficulty interacting with other people. And vice versa, children that grow without any hard skills will face a lot of difficulties to continue living. That is why Kindergarten focuses as good as possible to develop all those skills.

Only by developing hard skills and soft skills simultaneously, your children might live harmoniously with other people.

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